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Interlinking technical teams delivering more than 15 years of knowledge & experience.

Thermal Bridging Calculations

Clients benefit from the early design-stage analysis of building details for thermal performance, enabling them to provide cost-effective solutions to minimise the risks of heat loss.  FES support clients in calculating the overall heat loss of their buildings through thermal bridging, calculations can then be used to complete SAP and SBEM Calculations for Part L compliance.

Feasibility SAP

Dealing with Part L compliance from an early stage is often the most cost-effective option.  Our feasibility can provide various compliance routes, which can be used to find the best solution and aid the design development process.

Overheating – Part O

Our Overheating Risk Analysis will determine if the minimum requirements can be achieved using the simplified method found in Part O. For more complicated buildings or for those that don’t meet the minimum requirements of the simplified method, then our dynamic thermal analysis service can be conducted.

Thermal & Daylighting

Our experience in energy modelling and daylight/sunlight analysis is focused on helping clients to save money and ongoing running costs for the end user. If you need Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) modelling for your project, get in touch.

SAP Calculations

With years of industry experience, and a practical, commercially focussed approach, you can rely on us to stay up to date with any regulation changes and deliver an expert service. We assist clients at group level to establish specifications and have the capacity to work alongside the busiest partners nationwide.

Air Tightness Testing

Helping you get the certification you need, if something goes wrong and your building is not compliant, our technicians will stay on site, work with you and re-test, wherever possible.

SBEM Calculations

The stress-free way of getting your Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations is to order our commercial Part L package where all the relevant tests and certification will be included.

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