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Keeping track of your Part L 2021 compliance made easy

Section B of Part L 2021 requires photographic evidence at multiple stages throughout the build process for every plot. This is required for inclusion in the BREL report issued by the SAP assessor.  It is likely that each plot will require around 25 photographs to be taken, submitted, and approved.


How can the FES Group help with this significant operational and administrative change to the on-construction process?


Introducing FES Submit & Track

Clients can access FES Submit & Track when we are instructed to provide Part L compliance services.


How does FES Submit & Track work?

  1. Photos & compliance documents are uploaded through a project specific log in
  2. The FES on construction team review the information and approve or query them accordingly, within 1 working day
  3. The Project specific dashboard is updated in real time to easily identify any missing information long before completion
  4. Upon receipt and approval of all information the BREL Report, as built SAP and EPC is produced
  5. Information is then packaged up and sent to the projects key contacts.

Want to simplify your Part L compliance process?  Then get in touch to discuss your forthcoming projects.

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