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We provide comprehensive, end-to-end, cost efficient packages for residential and commercial Part L compliance and acoustic consultation.

Air Leakage Diagnostics Pre-retrofit Air Tightness Test Thermal Performance U-value Modelling Post-retrofit Air Tightness Test
U-value Modelling Air Leakage Diagnostics Pre-retrofit Air Tightness Test Thermal Performance Post-retrofit Air Tightness Test

Adaptable, Experienced Project Support

Our commercial Part L package brings together key services, to ensure you have got all you need for EPC, air tightness testing, SBEM calculations, thermal and day lighting modelling, acoustics and BREEAM. With years of experience working client side, our team can manage BREEAM projects intuitively, anticipating challenges and identifying solutions quickly and effectively.

SBEM Calculations

The stress-free way of getting your Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations is to order our commercial Part L package where all the relevant tests and certification will be included.


Our BREEAM department are experienced in providing BREEAM assessments and consultancy across a wide range of sectors and project size.

Our assessors understand project and client requirements and work efficiently to ensure compliance is gained with the best solutions.

Thermal and Day Lighting Modelling

Our experience in energy modelling and daylight/sunlight analysis is focused on helping clients to save money and ongoing running costs for the end user. If you need Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) modelling for your project, get in touch.

Air Tightness Testing

We are here to help you get the certification you need. If something goes wrong and your building is not compliant, we will stay on site, work with you and re-test, wherever possible.

EPC Certification

Our in-house team is available to work on projects of all sizes nationwide. We have provided thousands of CEPC surveys and are perfectly placed to certify large commercial portfolios and advise on the most cost effective routes to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) compliance.

“We were introduced to FES through a referral and we have found the team to be extremely helpful and competitive. We look forward to working with them on site and on future projects.”

Yaseen Parkar, Pre-Construction Director (Technical), Higgins Construction plc


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Our experienced team understands that you need a seamless, efficient path to compliance.

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