28th February, 2020

Lovell Partnerships Ltd

Working Together

We have been working with Lovell Partnerships Ltd since 2015, becoming one of only two trusted partners to provide around 70-80% of their air tightness and acoustic testing.

Today Lovell use a combination of FES Group solutions and selected us for our collaborative way of working, prompt turnaround time and excellent customer service. We have strong relationships with each regional office, working with them to develop specifications for new designs.

Why use The FES Group?

We work across 70-80% of Lovell projects because of the trust built with their regional offices. We respond promptly to bespoke requirements and keep the client informed throughout the compliance process. With affordable housing, time and cost-efficiency is of the essence. We assess each development to check if any cost savings can be made through adjustments.

The Results

The size of a large housing developer, Lovell work with a variety of housing associations to produce bespoke designs for affordable housing. We support them to create solutions for individual project requirements. Constraints, such as a specified boiler, can have an impact on compliance. We work side by side with the regional offices to provide alterations to satisfy client requirements whilst still achieving compliance.

Lovell Partnerships Ltd

Part of the Morgan Sindall Group, Lovell  is a partnership housing expert and a leading provider of innovative residential construction and regeneration developments across the UK. As well as designing, building and selling new homes, Lovell work with housing associations, local authorities and other public sector organisations  to refurbish and maintain existing homes and regenerate neighbourhoods.

Client Quote

“FES is an extremely easy company to work with, from rapid return of quotes to extremely efficient return of SAPs and EPCs when required.Lots of work goes on behind the scenes with minimal involvement from us, making assessments extremely easy. This is increasingly evident when they are doing air tests too, as another link removed from the chain makes the process even smoother.”

Development Coordinator at Lovell Partnerships Ltd, Manchester


Understand the time and budget pressures of affordable and social housing

One of two trusted suppliers for air tightness and acoustic testing

Bespoke solutions on a large development scale

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