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30th April, 2021

Approved Document [X] – Overheating

Draft guidance on the assessment of overheating in new residential buildings was published in January, along with the consultation on the Future Buildings Standard, Part L and…


22nd January, 2021

The Future Homes Standard – Part L1 2021

The long awaited response to the Part L consultation was finally published on 19th January. The FES Group will be running a Technical Advice Session…


16th March, 2020

SAP Knowledge Email – ACD Checklists

What impact will the removal of ACDs within SAP 10 have on SAP Calculations? As part of the government’s consultation on Part L 2020 and…


21st February, 2020

The Future Homes Standards The FES Group’s Response.

The summary of The FES Group's response to The Future Homes Consultation. Report by Paul Bainbridge, Associate Technical Director. For and on behalf of The FES Group.


10th October, 2019

The Future Homes Standard Consultation. Air Tightness Testing.

Proposals state that all new homes must be air tightness tested, existing methodology be moved to CIBSE and that SAP10 calculations change.


3rd October, 2019

The Future Homes Standard Consultation. Significant Changes are Coming.

The release of the Future Homes Standard Consultation on October 1st, 2019 detailed significant changes over current regulations. The FES Group is working hard to minimise the potential disruption and cost implications of the proposed changes for our clients.

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