16th August, 2021

Castle Quay Waterfront – Part L Consultancy & Thermal Modelling

Working Together

Following a competitive tender process McLaren appointed the FES Group to provide Part L consultancy on the development of a new cinema, supermarket and hotel.

The Results

An encompassing review of SBEM services on the retail, hotel and a cinema units was undertaken, inclusive of a full CIBSE TM52 dynamic simulation to assess the likelihood of overheating in future
scenarios within the proposed Cinema building.

The need to reduce energy consumption whilst dealing with global climate change has reduced the options available for building comfortable, low-energy buildings. Research has been directed towards
methods for increasing indoor winter temperatures, but this can lead to lightweight, highly insulated
buildings that respond poorly in the summer.

To ensure a higher likelihood of thermal comfort for the future occupants of the building, the building was modelled with its full proposed specification along with addition of likely heating, cooling and ventilation profiles, occupancy rates, internal gains and air exchanges to depict an accurate representation of the typical usage patterns within the building. A DSY 2020 weather file was then applied, representative of predicted weather in an intensive summer period between 2020-2049 to assess whether the building is able to meet with demands through comparison with Criterion 1-3 of CIBSE TM52.

McLaren Construction 

McLaren group of companies was established in 2001 and operates in construction, property and development in the UK and UAE. Their core markets include commercial offices, mixed-use buildings, residential, retail, education, distribution and logistics, hotels and leisure.

FES Quote

“As is often the case with a constantly evolving project, aspects of the design were subject to change. We were able to respond accordingly, remodel and simulate changes as necessary to ensure performance remained satisfactory as the development progressed, as well as providing guidance as necessary for Part L compliance during the project.”

 Jack Park РSustainability Consultant

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