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We provide comprehensive, end-to-end, cost efficient packages for residential and commercial Part L compliance and acoustic consultation.

Air Leakage Diagnostics Pre-retrofit Air Tightness Test Thermal Performance U-value Modelling Post-retrofit Air Tightness Test
U-value Modelling Air Leakage Diagnostics Pre-retrofit Air Tightness Test Thermal Performance Post-retrofit Air Tightness Test

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When it comes to acoustic consultancy, getting it right the first-time results in a smoother build with no surprises.

Acoustic Consultancy and Design Advice

By working together with our acousticians from the planning and design stages, we can ensure your building’s acoustic design will perform as expected. We have wide ranging experience of calculating the acoustic properties of building details, elements and facades and understand how these solutions perform in real world situations. This means we can recommend the best, most cost-effective design techniques. Being involved early to anticipate local and site requirements, means we can reduce or eliminate the need for acoustic planning conditions, saving you valuable time and money.

Noise and Vibration Surveys and Reports

We work nationally, in line with BS 8233 and BS 4142, with housebuilders and contractors to deliver noise surveys as well as alongside planning consultants and private clients to provide reports in support of new build or conversion, residential or commercial.

Surveys are usually up to 24 hours in length and can be carried out to assess the typical level of ambient noise, external noise levels for daytime and night-time or specific factors such as road traffic, nightlife or noise from industrial sources. We can be on site when you need us and to suit your timescales.

Acoustic Assessment

With in-depth knowledge of both acoustics and construction our consultants can assess survey results and work out how they are likely to impact design.

Sound Mapping:

We use the latest software to create compelling digital geographic images which use colour to illustrate a detailed soundscape around a proposed or existing development.

Construction Site Noise and Vibration Assessments:

These surveys establish whether the predicted noise levels are likely to exceed the limits as set out in BS 5228. Should the predicted levels be in excess of the limits, we have the experience to offer practical remediation advice.

Noise Complaint Assessments:

We have extensive experience of acting as a third party in order to assess the acoustic performance of building fabric as part of a noise complaint.

Completion Testing and Reporting

Unrivalled national coverage gives us the ability to test and provide results to meet even the most demanding timescales. Our acoustic reports are waffle-free, straight to the point and cover everything you need to know. We work with a wide variety of clients to support a range of application types from new build to change of use. Every piece of work is bespoke, with practical advice to suit each project’s requirements.

BREEAM Compliance Surveys

We have experience of delivering desk-based or on-site consultancy to assist in gaining BREEAM credits under HEA 05 across all scheme classifications.

“The FES Group was a key part of the overall design process - and provided us with much-needed design advice. I'll be using and recommending them on future projects.”

Paul Turney, Senior Design Co-ordinator, Durkan.


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Our experienced team understands that you need a seamless, efficient path to compliance.

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